There IS a deed somewhere.... Is it being hid???

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Dawn Peters, claims this her do as she pleases paper. WELL it ain't!

A Permission to clean document is not a deed nor is it proof of ownership of Green Hill Cemetery in Elizabethton, Tennessee, as claimed by Watauga Historical
Association. It is a NOTE of permission inter, clean and do maintenance to said property..Nothing more.

There IS a deed somewhere.... Is it being hid??? Inquiring minds want to know.

The good Ladies of The Watauga Historical Association have proven their worth in historical cemetery up-keep.... We applaud their efforts of labour, monies and time used in these noble efforts

It's a shame one person (Dawn Peters,) out of anger, malice and egotist attitude is turning this wonderful group of Ladies into her accomplices.

The group's stated Mission is:

Promote preservation of all matters related to the history and culture of
the Watauga Valley and East Tennessee.

That is unless that history and culture is Confederate.

They are sorely lacking in backing their mission statement. They need to get back to preservation of ALL heritage and peoples not just the ones Dawn Peters accepts/recognize!

Speaking for myself only:

PoP Aaron,
PO Box 90095
East Ridge TN. 37412

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