War Drums?

The Watauga Historical Association has declared war on anything Confederate. Dawn Peters, has been the drum beater for this hate toward our heritage, heroes and flags. She has her nose up the butt of the local media and politicians which cater to her every whim.

Just a bit of what the Tennessee Flaggers and SCV are fighting in Elizabethton, Tennessee.

Posted on the WHA Facebook page:

"Watauga Historical Association Due to the threat of violence and the fact that members of the SCV will be in the cemetery toting guns, the WHA has decided to forgo trying to clean up the cemetery. Previous Saturdays have been taken up with flag flapping guards, toting guns across from the cemetery. Therefore, we have not been able to get the grass mowed. They came into the cemetery with a lawn mower and chopped it up like a drunk driver loose at the wheel. Vandalism and Grave Desecration continues to be done by people with no authority to do so." ~ Dawn Peters

The claim of threats and violence to WHA members by SCV & The Tennessee Flaggers made by Dawn Peters is a lie. .... She will stoop to the depths of hell to tarnish our good name.

As you can see, Dawn Peters (WHA) has fallen of the deep end!

She is lobbying to have Green Hill Cemetery rezoned so she can have the Confederate flag removed from the cemetery.
She lobbied the Elizabethton Historic Zoning Commission to stop the placement of a Confederate Monument within the city of Elizabethton.... Bringing several blacks to voice objection to the Monument, this after approval for placement of said monument. The commission kissed her butt and deigned placement.

Mounument with the grave of 1st Lt. Robert J. Tipton, Co. B 19th Tennessee Infantry and flag pole in background.

This memorial stone was placed in Green Hill Cemetery on the morning of October 10, 2012. The camp worked hard to gain enough money and with assistance from the Tennessee Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, raised enough money to purchase the memorial. A dedication ceremony was held in the City of Elizabethton on October 13th at 2 p.m..... Without the memorial!!

The Tipton S.C.V. Camp (most proud of them) took it upon themselves to place the monument in Green Hill Cemetery... This will surly cause Dawn Peters blood to a boil and a fight will surely arise.

She has on several occasions called police on SCV & Tennessee Flaggers to charge them with grave desecration for placing flags and mowing grass around Confederate graves.

A calling card from WHA's, Dawn Peters stating no flags during grass cutting season which would be the whole of spring and summer! NOT! The flags still fly and are watched closely by Tennessee Flagger, Brother Bill Hicks.

The Tennessee and Virginia Flaggers is a thorn in the side of WHA and they are running scared.... Will you help keep them running? The Tennessee Confederate Flaggers & SCV could sure use some help in this matter..... Got enough Southron grit to fight!?

Brother Bill Hicks
Tennessee Flagging Coordinator:
Col Mike Shaffer (Doc)

Watauga Historical Association
P.O. Box 1776,
Elizabethton, Tennessee 37644



Elizabethton, TN

Flagging began at precisely 10:45 on Mill Street . Five Tennessee Flaggers upheld the Cause to the honking of horns and waving from practically every vehicle which passed. Many stopped to inquire about our activity and to accept our flier and CD. One elderly lady, who said she had $2, gladly gave us one of them as a donation. By 2:45 we had given out 30 CD’s w/Tennessee Flagger fliers and $3 more in donations. The conversations with those who stopped were hurried due to traffic, but the consensus was they were pleased to see us taking a stand and encouraged us to continue.

The wind was a brisk one today with fall temperatures, but we were warm in spirit and duty bound to hold our posts until out of ammunition. I must note four of the flaggers were Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Today’s Flag Team was made up of Cary Crawford Allen, Bill Hicks, Beecher O’Quinn, Mike Rigsby, and Gary Sanders. And an empty chair, which proves how easy it is to Flag!

Bill Hicks
Tennessee Confederate Flaggers Holding the Line


Don't know if y'all seen this or not

Don't know if y'all seen this or not.... So here it is.

Susan Friese Hathaway of Virginia Flaggers paid a visit to Elizabethton, TN to assist the newly formed Tennessee Confederate Flaggers Holding the Line. We met at Green Hill Cemetery where the issues are taking place, flagged several hours and met many inquisitive visitors. Thanks to Susan and veteran Jamie Funkhouser of Winston-Salem, NC and Tommy "Pop" Aaron of Chattanooga, the 24 new flaggers had a successful day on the line.



Tennessee Confederate Flaggers Holding the Line/10-06-12

Beginning at 10:30 a.m., Flagger Tony Trent and I would stand across from Green Hill Cemetery, displaying the Christian Cross of St. Andrew. The rain held off long enough for us to complete our mission. Elizabethton, TN is getting used to us. Hundreds of cars passed our post, thumbs up, waving, honking, nods and even one snappy salute…..two thumbs down. Six stopped to receive our literature and CD, while three others pulled into the parking lot and engaged in conversations. The Elizabethton Police Department watched out for our "safety " from the parking lot of Tractor Supply. By 12:45 p.m., we called it a day, a very productive day for two members of Tennessee Confederate Flaggers Holding the Line. All the well-wishers and those who shouted from their cars thanking us for protecting “their” heritage made it worth the rain, which was becoming heavy when we departed. Looking forward to next time. How ’bout you? Tennessee Flagger Bill Hicks 10/06/12
Bill, Walk-on and Tony
Tony with his Tennessee Secession Flag.
Bill and Tony's flag.
Flags in need of Flaggers.


Elizabethton Historic Zoning Commission Denies Memorial

Although having nothing in Tennessee Codes Annotated forbidding the placing of a memorial purchased by the Lt. Robert J. Tipton Camp #2083 of Elizabethton, TN, the Elizabethton Historic Zoning Committee denied the placement. Having already been influenced by the Watauga Historical Association into believing placing the memorial would lead to other organizations such as D.A.R., etc., wishing to place a memorial, they would have to be oblige them to allow future placements. They sounded, suspiciously, like they were using the arguments Dawn Peters of the Watauga Historical Association used when she objected to flag poles in Green Hill Cemetery. The whole fiasco was politically motivated and obviously decided before the meeting began.

The committee claimed that since the present Veterans Monument stood for the "soldiers of all time", therefore a special monument to Confederate soldiers was unnecessary and unwanted. The Elizabethton Camp now has a nice $2,200 memorial sitting in a warehouse with no place to put it. Representing the Sons of Confederate Veterans in the meeting held in the Elizabethton Municipal Building at 6:00 pm were Rev. Rick Morrell and Bill Hicks of Vaughn’sBrigade, speaking for the Elizabethton Camp; accenting the positive value of the memorial.

A representative from Nashville, a Mr. Brown, who was called in to obviously add an aura of “Big Brother”, stated the local zoning committee had the final say, makes one wonder if he was not there to let the local zoning planners know they were under scrutiny, also admitting the historical zoning programs are part of a federal government plan.  If he had no influence over them, I wonder why he was there!  He did issue a veiled threat that threatened action on the City as to bringing a hearing which could take away the status of a historical zoned area, thereby eliminating grants to the City!  Ahh, the plot thickens as it sickens!

Speakers from the Watauga Historical Association, rose to insult the dignity and honor of the Confederate veteran, claiming that Confederate soldiers were traitors. The W.H.A., while claiming to be an historical oriented organization have prejudiced themselves by doing everything possible to damage our flags and our good names, apparently wishing to disassociate themselves from their own heritage. One man from W.H.A. arose to say he did not want the memorial because of the way Carter County residents were treated during the era of the war.  Fear was also expressed that Confederate flags might also show up near the memorial.  Playing the race card, a black man arose, to say he would be offended to pass by such a memorial, stating the S.C.V. should give its money to the poor.  Two members of the W.H.A. are residents of Jonesborough, only citing their street address prior to speaking.

According to Tennessee Code 13-7-408, the historic zoning commission has 30 days to detail in writing why the appropriateness of the certificate was declined.

We move on.  Duty is ours; consequences are God’s.

Deo Vindice.

Rick Morrell, Commander,Vaughn's Brigade, TN Division, S.C.V.
Bill Hicks, Aide-de-Camp, Vaughn's Brigade, TN Division, S.C.V.

And we are proud Tennessee Confederate Flaggers.

Fighting City Hall in Elizabethton, TN

At 9 am, I would don the uniform of my Confederate ancestor and travel to Elizabethton City Hall to fill out a form requesting the full minutes of the Monday Evening Massacre of September 17, where the Elizabethton Historic Zoning Committee met and denied the placement of a memorial dedicated to the Confederate soldiers of Carter County.

From the office, I would walk down to the sidewalk in front of City Hall, presenting the Southern Cross of St. Andrew.  Within minutes car horns were honking and the thumbs were up.  A reporter and photographer from the Elizabethton STAR were soon there, granting an interview.  I had planned to flag the Elizabethton STAR but found it no longer necessary.

From there, I would drive down to Green Hill Cemetery.  Response was positive, lots of thumbs up and honks with eight passers-by stopping to wish me well and to receive a flier describing the mission of Tennessee Confederate Flaggers Holding the Line and the CD, “The Truth Concerning the Confederate Battle Flag”. 

One lady, Mrs. Janice Gentry of Chapter #754 of Johnson City, United Daughters of the Confederacy had been shopping at Tractor Supply.  She drove over and wished me success and commented on a woman slinking around with a movie camera, moving in and out from and even under the large trailer parked in the lot of Tractor Supply.  I informed her it was Dawn Peters, possibly called in by Janette Mann of the Watauga Historical Association who had passed by earlier.  My, my……a man exercising his freedom must really be a worthwhile recording project!  I hope Peters recorded all the folks who stopped.  I only wish she could have heard what they said! 

I would retire the flag at 12:30 pm.

Bill Hicks
Tennessee Confederate Flaggers Holding the Line