Tennessee Confederate Flaggers Holding the Line/10-06-12

Beginning at 10:30 a.m., Flagger Tony Trent and I would stand across from Green Hill Cemetery, displaying the Christian Cross of St. Andrew. The rain held off long enough for us to complete our mission. Elizabethton, TN is getting used to us. Hundreds of cars passed our post, thumbs up, waving, honking, nods and even one snappy salute…..two thumbs down. Six stopped to receive our literature and CD, while three others pulled into the parking lot and engaged in conversations. The Elizabethton Police Department watched out for our "safety " from the parking lot of Tractor Supply. By 12:45 p.m., we called it a day, a very productive day for two members of Tennessee Confederate Flaggers Holding the Line. All the well-wishers and those who shouted from their cars thanking us for protecting “their” heritage made it worth the rain, which was becoming heavy when we departed. Looking forward to next time. How ’bout you? Tennessee Flagger Bill Hicks 10/06/12
Bill, Walk-on and Tony
Tony with his Tennessee Secession Flag.
Bill and Tony's flag.
Flags in need of Flaggers.


  1. Well done, Tennessee Flaggers!!! Ever stand we make no matter how many show up is a victory!!


  2. We had a good day, Pop. The public is with us. We are fighting a war of attrition against a press- blessed group of South bashing miscreants.

  3. "South bashing miscreants" Amen Brother Bill.

    Most proud of your efforts!