War Drums?

The Watauga Historical Association has declared war on anything Confederate. Dawn Peters, has been the drum beater for this hate toward our heritage, heroes and flags. She has her nose up the butt of the local media and politicians which cater to her every whim.

Just a bit of what the Tennessee Flaggers and SCV are fighting in Elizabethton, Tennessee.

Posted on the WHA Facebook page:

"Watauga Historical Association Due to the threat of violence and the fact that members of the SCV will be in the cemetery toting guns, the WHA has decided to forgo trying to clean up the cemetery. Previous Saturdays have been taken up with flag flapping guards, toting guns across from the cemetery. Therefore, we have not been able to get the grass mowed. They came into the cemetery with a lawn mower and chopped it up like a drunk driver loose at the wheel. Vandalism and Grave Desecration continues to be done by people with no authority to do so." ~ Dawn Peters

The claim of threats and violence to WHA members by SCV & The Tennessee Flaggers made by Dawn Peters is a lie. .... She will stoop to the depths of hell to tarnish our good name.

As you can see, Dawn Peters (WHA) has fallen of the deep end!

She is lobbying to have Green Hill Cemetery rezoned so she can have the Confederate flag removed from the cemetery.
She lobbied the Elizabethton Historic Zoning Commission to stop the placement of a Confederate Monument within the city of Elizabethton.... Bringing several blacks to voice objection to the Monument, this after approval for placement of said monument. The commission kissed her butt and deigned placement.

Mounument with the grave of 1st Lt. Robert J. Tipton, Co. B 19th Tennessee Infantry and flag pole in background.

This memorial stone was placed in Green Hill Cemetery on the morning of October 10, 2012. The camp worked hard to gain enough money and with assistance from the Tennessee Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, raised enough money to purchase the memorial. A dedication ceremony was held in the City of Elizabethton on October 13th at 2 p.m..... Without the memorial!!

The Tipton S.C.V. Camp (most proud of them) took it upon themselves to place the monument in Green Hill Cemetery... This will surly cause Dawn Peters blood to a boil and a fight will surely arise.

She has on several occasions called police on SCV & Tennessee Flaggers to charge them with grave desecration for placing flags and mowing grass around Confederate graves.

A calling card from WHA's, Dawn Peters stating no flags during grass cutting season which would be the whole of spring and summer! NOT! The flags still fly and are watched closely by Tennessee Flagger, Brother Bill Hicks.

The Tennessee and Virginia Flaggers is a thorn in the side of WHA and they are running scared.... Will you help keep them running? The Tennessee Confederate Flaggers & SCV could sure use some help in this matter..... Got enough Southron grit to fight!?

Brother Bill Hicks
Tennessee Flagging Coordinator:
Col Mike Shaffer (Doc)

Watauga Historical Association
P.O. Box 1776,
Elizabethton, Tennessee 37644


  1. what is the deal about carrying guns on the property? Were there reenactors carrying muskets to fire a salute or is the whole thing a lie by the enemy ?

  2. Brother Mark,

    I'm sure members of WHA have seem muskets at Green Hill Cemetery, I myself have not.

    The claim of threats and violence to WHA members by SCV & The Tennessee Flaggers made by Dawn Peters is a lie. .... She will stoop to the depths of hell to tarnish our good name.


  3. The perpetrators of these lies have never been attacked or threatened by gun toting flaggers and if they refused to mow the cemetery it was not because of any threat we posed. We flagged and handed out literature and CD's to inquisitive motorists. One day when I flagged alone, Dawn Peters was sneaking around the parking lot of Tractor supply, making a video of my every move. I call upon her to produce the video she made on that day and present it publicly. She and the group know I carry by permit and so do some (at least one) of them. I have not brandished or threatened, but the day they called 911 in Col Shaffer and me(for doing nothing but being in the cemetery), we told the E.P.D. we left because of their behavior. They told the police I was armed, however after producing the permit and talking with us, they released us and said they had nothing to charge us with. It was humiliating sitting in traffic with blue lights flashing, when you know the people who did this to you are malicious South bashers and who were probably getting some sort of perverse pleasure out of their action. By the way, one of the members in the cemetery also has a carry permit. So what? Re-enactors have participated in numerous events over the years. It appears they want these events stopped. It ain't gonna happen!

  4. I still call upon Dawn Peters to upload her video of me flagging on September 24th, 2012, in order to prove her claim of any wrong doing on my part. Let's see it on You Tube! How about it! Post it!