Fighting City Hall in Elizabethton, TN

At 9 am, I would don the uniform of my Confederate ancestor and travel to Elizabethton City Hall to fill out a form requesting the full minutes of the Monday Evening Massacre of September 17, where the Elizabethton Historic Zoning Committee met and denied the placement of a memorial dedicated to the Confederate soldiers of Carter County.

From the office, I would walk down to the sidewalk in front of City Hall, presenting the Southern Cross of St. Andrew.  Within minutes car horns were honking and the thumbs were up.  A reporter and photographer from the Elizabethton STAR were soon there, granting an interview.  I had planned to flag the Elizabethton STAR but found it no longer necessary.

From there, I would drive down to Green Hill Cemetery.  Response was positive, lots of thumbs up and honks with eight passers-by stopping to wish me well and to receive a flier describing the mission of Tennessee Confederate Flaggers Holding the Line and the CD, “The Truth Concerning the Confederate Battle Flag”. 

One lady, Mrs. Janice Gentry of Chapter #754 of Johnson City, United Daughters of the Confederacy had been shopping at Tractor Supply.  She drove over and wished me success and commented on a woman slinking around with a movie camera, moving in and out from and even under the large trailer parked in the lot of Tractor Supply.  I informed her it was Dawn Peters, possibly called in by Janette Mann of the Watauga Historical Association who had passed by earlier.  My, my……a man exercising his freedom must really be a worthwhile recording project!  I hope Peters recorded all the folks who stopped.  I only wish she could have heard what they said! 

I would retire the flag at 12:30 pm.

Bill Hicks
Tennessee Confederate Flaggers Holding the Line





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