Call To Flagging ! 4/13/2013

Call To Flagging ! 4/13/2013
Green Hill Cemetery, Elizabethton, Tennessee

Ok folks here goes. The next Flagging at Green Hill Cemetery will be April 13th, 12:00p.m. - 4:00p.m. The weather should be improving the next few weeks so hopefully there'll be more of you there. I know some of you are thinking , why are we Flagging Green Hill every month. Well the answer is simple, the Wautauga Hysterical Assc. hasn't addressed any of the issues that are in question. The gates still chained & locked, making access to the cemetery unsafe to get into. The elderly and the handicapped don't have safe access period.I can testify to that. Also in past years the WHA has mowed the cemetery , leaving the Confederate gravesites untouched. Chances are that will be the case this mowing season. The disrespect for the Confederate Soldiers buried there is an atrocity. We've had some that have showed up to almost every Flagging & have been well recieved by the general public.

A lot of valuable information has been passed out that these folks may have never known or heard about. My hero, Susan Hathaway , has flagged or spoken to people all over the South about our Southron cause. We need to be doing to same. The more we stand there on the line, the more people will learn. Oh, by the way one soldiers grave was left outside the perimeter of the cemetery by WHA, so that should tell you want they think of our ancestors. Folks be proud of you ancestors and Flag for the Southron way of life & for our ancestors & our History ,before we lose it all together.

Tennesee Flagging Co-Ordinator
Colonel Mike Shaffer (Doc)
400 Shelby St. Apt. 413
Bristol, Tenn. 37620


Call To Flagging ! 4/13/2013

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  1. Another campaign---let's make this our best!