Flagging in Elmira, NY by Scott J. Payne

Here I am "Flagging" the Chemeung Canal Bank in Elmira, New York. This location ...has historical interest as it was at this location on April 14th, 1865, where one John Harrison Surratt was staying. At that time this was the location of the Brainard House Hotel. It was on this night that US president Abe Lincoln was shot at Ford's Theatre in Washington DC. Surratt's mother, Mary, was tried and hung in July of that year as a member of a conspiracy to assassinate Lincoln. John Surratt fled to Canada and eventually Europe where he became a member of the Papal Guard, before being brought back to the States where he was tried and found innocent of being part of this conspiracy.
As I was standing on the corner with my Confederate Battle Flag and my camera mounted on it's trusty tripod, a car went around the corner and beeped and a young woman in the passenger had her window down and with her thumb in the air said, "that's a good flag". Only in Elmira, New York.
Deo Vindice.

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