Prayer for Our Confederacy by Eve Davenport Holder

Prayer for Our Confederacy
(From The Soldier’s Prayer Book by Thomas Smyth published in Charleston: The South Carolina Tract Society, 1863)
O GOD, Thou hast so ordained human government as to make it necessary and wise that there shall be rulers and subjects…
Establish us, therefore, O God, as a Confederacy of states, and build us up on that rock of eternal truth against which the gates of hell shall not prevail. Unite us a people in the indissoluble bonds of liberty, equality, and fraternity. Harmonize the sovereignty of our states with confederated constitutional authority. May the spirit of Washington animate them all, and lead them ever to seek not merely their own interests, but also the common good of all, and to beware of sectional jealousies and party dissensions.
May the issue of this war signally prove that this battle is the Lord’s, and that Thou hast made Thy Word victorious. May atheistic blasphemy and blind fanaticism be openly rebuked, and the truth, purity, and power of Thy Word, and the wisdom, equity, and mercy of Thy providential dealings toward this people be gloriously established in the sight of our enemies, and before all nations throughout all generations, and may glory rest on our land until it shall be made a praise in the whole earth. Hear, O Lord, in heaven, they dwelling place, these our humble petitions, with which we would plead and wrestle with Thee. Answer them in mercy, for Christ’s sake, and abundantly bless us. Grant us the desires of our hearts in accordance with Thy Word; and then we will ever bless and magnify Thy great and glorious name, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen and Amen.

By: Eve Davenport Holder

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