Heritage or tradition?

While some my agree or disagree, the CBF is and will always be a part of Southron history.

Wearing it on a tshirt or having a bumper sticker does not affend me.

It does however bother me when if has images of Elvis, Skynyrd or anything else besides the battle honors on it.

The SCV has a right to mark the banner with it's Camp.

Another topic that has been discussed is about correct history being revised.

I do not read school books anymore, unless someone brings up a situation to me and I can research it.

With that said, yes...our Heritage has been revised. Not only by the omission of the correct facts, but the continuing telling of misguided facts. I would submit to you all that reconstruction has been in play for the last 150 years and it has now become an all out assault on our Heritage.

Nowhere are they renameing parks, streets, removing monuments, and burial grounds in this country because it is not "PC", but here in the South.

How many of you have seen the Heritage violations, are your children getting the history in school that is correct, or is it only me who hears that things have changed.
I have been known to wear a uniform now and then, even some reenacting. I have spoke at SCV Camps, many different seminars, and even Civil War Rountables as far north as Buffalo.

It is the truth most people seek, so it is with that we must continue to tell the truth.

John Zakrzewski (Zak)
Dixie's Living Historians

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